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Whether you’re still working from home or you’ve started going back to the office (like me), these work-from-home tech gadgets will be super helpful for your WFH space.

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From improving your lighting to upgrading your meeting audio, these work-from-home tech gadgets will improve your WFH space – or wherever you may be working.

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Adjustable Desk Lighting

Lighting is so important in a work-from-home desk set-up. This customizable desk light was a desk life-changer! As someone who has less than perfect eyesight, having good light across my desk space is very helpful, especially during cloudy days when light is really low in my apartment.

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Dimmable Lamps

Overhead lighting is overrated; get some task lighting for your desk and take a break from overhead lighting.

p.s. Some lamps even have temperature control so you can have cool/blue or warm/orange lighting!

Although I got my desk light from Amazon, it’s no longer available anywhere. This is the closest desk light I could find!

I know what you’re thinking, what makes this light sooo special? Well, if your desk is in a low-lit area or corner, this lamp comes with many customizable settings that will help you get that perfect light for your WFH space. Some of the adjustable settings include:

  • a swivel design that lets you twist the lamp in several directions to get the light exactly where you want it
  • five color modes, ranging from very orange-warm to very cool-blue
  • seven brightness levels, with touch-sensitive settings
  • a USB port (for your charging needs)

Plus, if you’ve been attending online meetings, this lamp will help get that perfect lighting setup. I’ve also found it helpful to get lighting on just my desk space while keeping the rest of the room pretty dark, which is how my husband likes it to be. Opposites attract, right?

Adjustable Phone Holder

This work-from-home tech gadget might not be considered a necessity for everyone, but if you’re a fan of keeping your phone next to you while working then this tech gadget definitely needs to be added to your work-from-home desk space!

It makes it so much easier to keep an eye on your notifications (or scrolling social media…?) since the phone holder keeps your phone vertical and closer to eye-view.

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Phone Stand

This phone stand is perfect for watching YouTube videos during lunch breaks! Or just scrolling social media without making your neck hurt.

It can even hold an iPad with a case.

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This Nulaxy Phone Holder extends from 3 inches to 5.5 inches, measuring from the table to the bottom of the phone. For me, it brings my phone right to eye-level which is great for watching YouTube videos during lunch at work or having a video call with my sister while not having to hold my phone!

Laptop Stand Rain Design

While I have now switched over to a desktop computer, I used a laptop for most of the pandemic (about 11 months) and it was hard to use for extended periods of time when I just had it on my desk. My neck would start hurting and so would my wrists.

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Laptop Stand

After watching one too many videos by Alisha Marie, I decided I needed the same laptop stand that she used.

After all, if it helped her edit her YouTube videos, surely this laptop stand could help me get through my workday during the COVID pandemic.

Get the laptop stand from Amazon

After a month of work-from-home and dealing with the pain from all the bad posture, I finally relented and bought a laptop stand from Rain Design. The reason I got this specific brand is because I remembered Alisha Marie (from YouTube fame) mentioned it in one of her videos and I figured if it was good enough for someone who worked mainly from their laptop, then it would be perfect for me.

I will say that my laptop stand is more of a set-and-don’t-move because it’s not really foldable. For the few times I had to take my laptop to work, I was lucky that I had a tote bag that perfectly fit the laptop stand so I could transport it. However, it was a bit heavy to carry for longer than the ten or fifteen-minute walk I have from the parking garage to work.

If you’re looking for a laptop stand that is more transportable, definitely check out their website because they have all kinds of options for laptops, phones, and even computers.

P.S. I no longer use the laptop stand, which is truly upsetting because I loved using it, but I’ve only stopped using it because I now have a desktop computer! I have zero plans of getting rid of it though because it’s such a great laptop stand.

HD Webcam

Now that I’ve switched from a laptop with a built-in webcam to a desktop computer, I had to get a separate webcam to use during video meetings for my desk.

The webcam I borrow from my husband is so easy to set up, it’s basically a plug-and-use tool! It has settings for HD capture if you want that super crisp image, but the regular image is also really good.

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Webcam with Microphone

This webcam has HD settings so you can get a crisp image for those could’ve-been-an-email meetings.

It’s very easy to set up and start using!

FYI: it’s got a wide capture so double-check your background before you start using it for meetings!

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Something I had to get used to was the wide capture of this webcam! My laptop webcam had a much tighter capture and I didn’t have to worry about too much of my background. However, since this webcam has a wider capture, I’ve had to make sure that more of my background space looks presentable for the camera.

Headphones with Microphone

Around the winter holidays, I was shopping for presents and came across these Turtle Beach headphones that were on major sale for the holidays. I got one to use during work-from-home for all of the online meetings that were happening because they promised strong noise isolation and the microphone could be flipped up and would automatically mute me during online meetings!

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Headphone with Microphones

If you keep forgetting to mute yourself during online meetings, maybe try out these headphones. The mic automatically mutes itself when you flip it up!

P.S. These might get uncomfortable if you wear glasses like me, unfortunately.

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I’ve loved using this work-from-home tech gadget for online meetings but I will say that they get pretty uncomfortable after wearing them for over an hour with glasses. The headphones provide the noise isolation they promise: I could easily ignore my partner’s meetings or calls during my own meetings or while listening to webinars.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m sooo bad at remembering to mute (or unmute!) myself during meetings but having the flip-up microphone gives me a physical reminder of what my mic status is, so I can keep myself unmuted during the meeting but just keep the microphone flipped up to stay muted.

Always double-check this when doing it with a new program, though!!

After a year of having to work from home, I’m happy to have gotten some of these work-from-home tech gadgets to improve my WFH space. A few of these will definitely continue to be used long after this pandemic is over, like the desk light, phone stand, and headphones.

Since I’ve been going to work a few days a week, I’ve already been using the phone stand and headphones both at home and at work. And I LOVE it.

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