Beautifully Illustrated Puzzles (gift-guide ideas)

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We’re kicking off today with a fun puzzle gift guide! Today’s gift guide is all about puzzles because nothing says relaxing like staring at little pieces with different jagged edges, trying to figure out which ones go together. So so relaxing.

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Personally, I love a good puzzle but it definitely depends on my mood. Here’s a guide of some beautiful puzzles that you can gift to your puzzle-loving friend this holiday season.

Whiled – Ladies Who Lounge Puzzle

Ladies Who Lounge puzzle from Whiled
source: Whiled

Whiled is a company started by Alisha Ramos, founder of Girls’ Night In and The Lounge. The premise of Whiled is about slowing down and reclaiming downtime, which definitely translates into their puzzle offerings. The puzzle above is the “Ladies Who Lounge“, a title I absolutely love! They have more puzzles by various artists, so definitely check out their shop!

Puzzle So Hard – NASA Cosmic Winter Wonderland Puzzle

I honestly don’t even remember how I came across this company, it was just suddenly an Instagram account I knew about and a website that I checked out very often.

They have some very pretty art, especially the space-themed ones. I love the NASA Cosmic Winter Wonderland puzzle because not only is it 1,000 pieces but it has the most gorgeous colors! Obviously, it needed a spot on our puzzle holiday gift guide.

Hokusai Great Wave Puzzle

I feel like it’s really hard to go wrong with some MET Museum art. The Hokusai Great Wave artwork is a recognizable piece of art for many people, so it could make a great present for just about anyone, even if they aren’t hardcore art lovers.

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Market, Lighthouse, and Camping – Set of 3 Puzzles

This looks like an amazing puzzle set! You get three puzzles with designs of a market, a lighthouse, and a camping area. Each puzzles is 1,000 pieces, which is my favorite part!

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Succulent Puzzle

This is another amazing puzzle set! It’s got a gorgeous design full of colorful succulents. Perfect if you’ve already got a succulent collection! It’s also a 1,000 piece puzzle.

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Amsterdam Netherlands Homes Puzzle

This is such a colorful puzzle design! I love the architecture showed in this puzzle. It’s a 1,000 piece puzzle.

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Lady with Fan by Klimt – Art Style Puzzle

This puzzle design feels like something from an art gallery! It’s got a gorgeous set of colors and an interesting image. It’s a 1,000 piece puzzle.

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Influential Women Puzzle for Kids

This is a great puzzle set for kids! It’s got a beautiful design full of women in colorful garb with explanations on their contributions to society. It’s only a 300 piece puzzle so it’s really perfect for kids.

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A puzzle is a gift that will keep on giving, especially if they take several months to finish the puzzle! My favorite part is framing the puzzle after it’s all done! Not only do you get a few days/weeks/months of fun, but then you end up with an amazing art piece that you (kinda) created!

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