Baking a Cake + Attempting Homemade Frosting

Quarantine has brought out the baker in us all. Sour dough is probably still being made in many homes, even if it is no longer trending. For me, sweets is a far better pastime. So, I decided to try baking a cake from scratch.

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I’ve made sugar cookies and cakes during our stay-at-home time. When making the frosting for the cake, I wanted to try homemade rather than store-bought frosting. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

On top of baking a cake from scratch, I decided to attempt Italian meringue buttercream and I can’t say I’ll do that it again. It caused far too much stress!

For the longest time, it looked like it was unsalvageable. I was literally standing next to the mixer, on my phone, searching through all the baking blogs trying to figure out why my buttercream kept falling apart (thank goodness for Barefoot Baker).

But then, after a mini breakdown (my husband was literally having to tell me it was okay), the buttercream finally started coming together!

During assembly, though I had added some rum to keep the cake moist, the cake still felt on the dry side so I would probably add more next time. I would probably also add a thicker buttercream section between the cakes to add more moisture.

I want to try my hand at a different buttercream, though perhaps with some store-bought frosting as backup??? I might also look into some fruit toppings for next time too. But what I really need to do first is a lot of cake research first.

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Have you ever made frosting from scratch? How was your experience? Have you found a good recipe? If so, please share in the comments. I need major help in that department.

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Baking a Cake and Attempting Homemade Frosting!

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