There are so many resources for content creators and blogger tools available! Since I am only one person, I’ve provided information on the tools and resources for creators that I have personally used. However, if I know about similar tools or resources, I also linked to those just in case it works better for you (even if I have not used them)!

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Whether you’ve been on this journey for a few years or are just getting started, these are the must-have content creator tools for your content creation, influencer, or blogger journey!

No matter what title you connect with, there is bound to be a tool that connects with you since there is so much overlap between all these industries!

Tools for Your Finances & Money

Content creation is a billion-dollar industry with lots of opportunities. Before you dive in, take time to make sure your finances are ready to handle all those opportunities. After getting your EIN from the U.S. government, take some time to make sure your finances are ready.

Novo Bank

Try out Novo Bank!

I knew I wanted to keep my business and personal finances separate from the start, so I made an account with Novo after getting my EIN from the government. It provides analytics on the money coming in and my expenses, buckets so I can easily set aside money for future taxes, and many other helpful functions! A must-have content creator tool.

P.S. Novo Bank is not a bank but fintech (aka financial technology).

Email Tools to Reach Your Audience

No matter where your home is on the internet, whether that’s a blog or on social media platforms, email is still the best platform to stay connected with your audience!

If social media algorithms change, you can still connect to your audience with email. If your blog goes down or Google no longer favors you the same way, email is still there to connect you to your audience.

ConvertKit has a series of options to get you started connecting with your audience. They are easy to link to your blog for email sign-ups. If you’re mainly on social media, they also provide a creator profile “home” so you can send your audience where they need to go.

I highly recommend getting the paid plan for automation options to stay in contact with your audience, even when you’re traveling or on break.

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Writing Resources

Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or content creator, writing is a major part of creating online content. Ranging from long-form writing as a blogger to shorter captions as an influencer or content creator, we need all the help we can get with ideas and formatting. The following writing tools are going to help you expand on your thoughts, improve your grammar, and maybe even get you excited about writing again!

If you’re having a hard time improving your writing and retaining your audience, then Sticky Blogging is a must-have course. I’m still working through implementing the content on blog posts and social media but just going through the course has completely changed how I view and think about my writing.

Sticky Blogging is only available a few times throughout the year but you can start with a free one-hour webinar through the link. There’s also a five-day email series on her website. Kelly is the sweetest person and does such a great job pulling in examples from students and her work when discussing writing.

Just like we are constantly inundated with visuals and images, we are constantly reading and seeing text everywhere. Your writing needs to stand out with an emotional connection, clarity, and information.

Grammarly can help make sure that your writing is succinct and easily read by a variety of audiences. It’s also super easy to integrate with your browser and phone, and it’s available on the web!

Hemingway is a great way to keep distractions to a minimum and focus on writing. I love how they have writing and editing modes, so you can ignore spelling and grammar errors until you’re done writing!

Hemingway lets you expand on your ideas without worrying about formatting within the WordPress editor. You can then easily copy and paste into WordPress when you’re ready to mess with all the extras (like images, headings, etc.) and not a moment before.

Tools to Stay Organized

Working in the online space means staying on top of a variety of tasks. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or lose sight of projects without proper planning. These tools will help you stay organized and on top of your business goals, whether you are a content creator, influencer or blogger.

When it comes to organization, my Google Drive is essential. I keep PDF copies of important documents, track my business finances, plan my editorial content, and even update my business plan within Google Drive. The whole system of Google Workspace cuts down on needing to purchase a bunch of different apps by allowing me to get my hands on several tools within one space!

Not only do you get access to Google Drive with Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, but you also get access to so many other amazing Google tools like Meet and Forms!

When it comes to organization, Notion keeps everything in one place. I track my monthly business goals, plan editorial content, and jot down content ideas in Notion. The database system of Notion keeps everything connected while allowing me access from a variety of devices.

If you need to constantly see the connections and have links to everything, Notion is the way to go!

Hard Drive

Shop external drives!

Being a content creator, influencer, or blogger comes with a lot of visuals and you need a place to store them without taking up all of your computer storage! An external drive allows you to keep photos and videos stored in a convenient and portable way, which is great if you’re traveling for your content creation or simply prefer to work from a coffee shop.

I have Western Digital external hard drives but the are also pretty popular with online creators. Make sure you’re backing up your content!

Social Media Resources & Tools

No matter your online work, the pressure to constantly promote your content across all the social media platforms can be exhausting. However, it takes time to consistently post content and promote it. Doing so can sometimes take away from the more important money-making actionables! From creating or editing your content to scheduling it for all the platforms, here are the tools I’ve found most helpful in my content creation and blogging journey!

We are living in a visual world and you need strong images on your website and blog to truly connect with your audience. While taking pictures can be a super fun and creative adventure, sometimes the photo we need for our blog post isn’t one we can create.

That’s where Deposit Photos helps! Deposit Photos allows you to search for the exact picture you need and start using it ASAP. Their sizing selection is amazing and they have pictures for so many different posting needs.

I’ve used so many different schedulers! As a blogger and content creator, Metricool is a great one-stop shop for general analytics and scheduling.

I’ve been able to schedule things for different social channels so fast that it’s mind-blowing. I also love the recurring list system they have, which is perfect for pushing out evergreen content on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Their analytics system also provides great context for what’s doing well and what isn’t.

P.S. I also use the native Meta Business scheduler for both Facebook & Instagram posts, as well as Instagram reels

Canva is the magical design software for literally anyone, whether you have design skills or not! Canva is great because you can start with a blank page and create your original design or you can start with a template and customize it to your needs!

Whether you’re running a blog, growing on Instagram, making videos for YouTube, or even creating marketing materials for your small business, Canva has designs and templates for all your needs!

Video Resources for Content Creators

Photos still perform on social media platforms but video content is the place to be! Between Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, long-form YouTube videos, and other video content, you need to be able to easily edit videos in a variety of formats. The following resources for content creators will help you stay on top of short-form videos!

Luckily for bloggers, some of the same equipment that you use for pictures can easily be repurposed for video content! Take a look at the following blogger tools and see how you can use them not only for your blog content but also for your social media channels.

Filmora has an astounding set of tools available (similar to another popular video editing program) but with a super easy-to-use interface.

With all the short-form videos happening now, Filmora makes it easy to edit videos in vertical and horizontal formats, add text, add music, and so much more. My favorite part is that they have a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you how to use Filmora to create interesting content!

Getting started with video production can be hard because there are so many options for cameras! I currently use the Sony a6000 because it’s the camera I already had but it’s not the one I would suggest.

Here are a few things you should look for in a camera:
– microphone input
– screen that flips around
– remote control (whether it’s your phone/app or Bluetooth)

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