Home Office Accessories You Need: Stationery & Tech Must-Haves

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If you’re working from home, then it’s important to get a few home office accessories to make sure your home office space is comfortable and productive. Whether you work from the dining room table or an actual study desk, these desk accessories will help keep you productive throughout those dreary days.

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First things first: if you’re able to, I suggest asking if some of these expenses can be covered by your workplace, especially if these are things you used often pre-COVID at work. It’s one less expense while transitioning to work-from-home (and things add up).

Another thing to keep in mind: do you use a lot of paper and pencil at work or are you more of a digital person? Some of these suggested items are perfect for those heavy with paperwork but might not be as applicable for those with more digital processes. Don’t forget to use the table of contents to skip to the areas that work for you!


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Home Office Accessories for Your Desk: the Basics but Cooler

Just because a desk item is necessary doesn’t mean it has to look basic. If they’re part of your daily work use then it’s helpful to have some good-looking desk accessories! If you like developing a theme or color scheme, then these are going to be the perfect home office accessories since many come in different colors!

Scissors / Tape Dispenser / Stapler / Hole Puncher

I wish I were a person that didn’t deal with paper all the time but alas, it’s how I plan best. Plus, the prep work for my job just flows a lot easier if I include some kind of paper. Working with paper means I need to keep it together (stapler) or organize it in a binder (hole puncher). My job also requires the occasional craft project which means that, on top of having a tape dispenser, I also have a glue stick and hot glue. Hopefully, your job doesn’t require quite so many desk items but here are a few links to these desk basics!

Poppin, Colorful Office Products

Poppin has the most amazing desk accessories and is a website that I love for their office supplies. My favorite part is their color selection! You can get a tape dispenser, stapler, and hole puncher in the same color for that matching home office *aesthetic*. To simplify things even more, they also have a set that includes the following: a tape dispenser, stapler, pen cup, and pens.

The gel pens from Poppin are amazing to write with. They are very much in line with the experience of Pilot G-2 pens but come in so many more colors! Highly recommend them as home office accessories, especially since you can get them in so many colors.

Explore more Poppin products on Amazon.

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DesignWorks Ink, Beautiful Notebooks for Bullet Journaling

DesignWorks Ink is another brand with great product design. I enjoy the industrial design of their stapler. Plus, if you’re like me and constantly lift the stapler to staple items in the air, then this stapler design is a lot more ergonomic (for me anyway). If you like keeping the stapler on the desk and slamming your hand on it to staple papers, then maybe you don’t need this design!

Unfortunately, their stapler isn’t available through Amazon, but these other amazing products from them are available. I have the pink notebook shown below, and I love how it has dates across the top so I can date and label my notes. It’s a great part of these home office accessories, especially for all those notes during work meetings!

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UBrands, Decorative & Themed Office Products

Another brand I love is UBrands. If you prefer a more modern look for your home office accessories, then you must check out their office supplies! They have a desk collection where the style is a simple wire design, available in various colors. Their newest design collection is a style made of metal panels with wood pieces. They have a tape dispenser with this design, and there are a few color options. They also have a gorgeous-looking concrete tape dispenser.

Explore more UBrands office products.

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Desk Organization / Notebooks / Filing

Again, if you don’t have to use paper at your job then I am *jealous*. I have a bad habit of writing tiny notes everywhere, and then they just start accumulating everywhere. Most of the above sites have great organization items, but the Poppin items might be my favorite for use in a home office. Their collections tend to be pretty modular so you can mix and match – plus, you can get matching colors for a cohesive *aesthetic* look.

A quick list of my favorite organizational items from Poppin:

  • File Box – great if you use a hanging file system
  • Fin File Sorter – depending on your filing system, this could be an option instead of the file box listed above
  • Drawer Organizer – perfect for any desk drawers you might have (or to keep items on top of your desk organized)
  • Accessory Trays – great for little knick-knacks or an alternative for the drawer organizer
  • Desk Organizer – perfect if you like to keep things accessible on top of your desk

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If you liked the design from UBrands more, here’s a list of their organization items that would be perfect for your home office:

  • Letter Tray – perfect for gathering up random papers, available in multiple colors
  • File Basket – great if you use a hanging file system, available in gold and rose gold
  • Letter Sorter – perfect for gathering your little notebooks or folders

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Tech Desk Accessories for Your Home Office

If you’re working from a home office, then your job probably depends a lot on the use of tech. Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, desk or no desk, here are a few home office tech desk accessories that will make your job a lot easier!

Laptop Stand

If you use a laptop for your job, then I highly recommend getting a laptop stand or riser for your home office. If you do a lot of typing/writing or meetings, then the stand/riser helps to bring the laptop closer to eye level which helps to reduce neck strain. Also, you look *much* better on camera during virtual meetings when the laptop is raised. My personal favorite is this laptop stand by Rain Design, which I use with a 17” HP laptop.

You can get their products through their website or on Amazon if you need faster shipping. They have a great selection of different stands to fit your computer, and there are even some that are commute-friendly (for the inevitable moment when we go back to work).

Stack of RainDesign box, purple striped box, and RainDesign Laptop stand piled on top of each other to hold a laptop at eye level. Home Office Accessories | Desk Accessories | Laptop Stand | Work-From-Home Desk Tools | Sincerely Yasmin

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I’ve been using my mouse on my desk surface for most of quarantine but it was annoying to have to constantly move or shake it to get it to work correctly. When I ordered my holiday cards, I ended up designing a mousepad with Shutterfly and I have to say: possibly my best home office accessories purchase during quarantine (after my laptop stand)! My mouse just flows so much better now! Quality of life has gone UP. Also, since it has a cute pic of me and my husband, it just really adds a nice personal touch to my home office.

Task Lighting or Desk Lighting

It’s important to have good lighting in your home office, especially during the winter months when the light goes away quickly. My favorite light is a TaoTronics desk lamp (no longer available on Amazon). This light has so many great settings that come in handy and it’s one of my favorite and one of the most helpful home office accessories.

Here are just a few things I love about this light:

  • Has a range of brightness levels that are touch-sensitive
  • Five color modes (goes from very cool/blue light to very warm/orange light)
  • USB connection on the back of the light (great for charging your phone, headphones, etc.)
  • Swivel base and arms

I also love how the light has a very specific light…range??? Since the arms and base have a swivel design, you can really be specific about where you want your light to go, which is great for those in small apartments or spaces and for those who might have to work-from-home with a spouse or roommate. While I could no longer find my specific light on Amazon, I’ve linked to a very similar one below (first link) and a few other similar lamps that are not only functional but also pretty home office accessories!

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Even if you worked from home before the pandemic, things are very different now. There just seems to be such a gloomy aspect to everything, which makes sense considering the global situation, but it’s still hard to handle. Having pretty and captivating home office accessories are a simple way to make working from home easier and more enjoyable. Plus you also get some excitement as you wait for packages!

Have you been working from home this whole time? Do you have a hybrid schedule? Or do you still have to go in to work quite often? Let me know if you have gotten any WFH tools that have made life easier or if you get any of the ones from above!

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