Cute & Comfy Small Patio Furniture for Your Apartment

Living in an apartment is such a constant battle of wanting to buy nice things, like small patio furniture, but needing to keep in mind if it’ll last until your next move! Sometimes, I say “screw it” and buy the new thing I want. But other times, I’m far more reluctant to buy, especially when we’re talking about furniture that will take up space in a moving truck!

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My husband and I recently went shopping for some small patio furniture, something we’ve been pushing back for at least a year because we didn’t want to buy something new and then risk breaking during a move (iykyk).

Shopping for Small Patio Furniture

We have a few local stores so we decided to go small patio furniture shopping IRL instead of online shopping. Plus, I’ve been begging Kyle for patio furniture for a while, especially after we hit the one-year mark in our apartment and we ended up extending our lease.

Since I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, I wanted to be able to drive home with new patio furniture that same day which is why we went shopping at local stores. I quickly gave up on the idea of a completely matching set because most of those sets were much bigger than what our little patio could sustain.

Finding Our Chair & Table Set

Our patio is so small that all it can really hold is about two chairs, a table, and a little bar cart that we keep outside for our plants. Many of the patio sets were at least four chairs and way too much for our little patio.

Instead, we searched for two chairs we both liked. We ended up with these: they had wide seats, comfortable backs, and looked easy enough to wipe down after all the pollen comes raining down.

Picture of two chairs and a table on a small patio. There's a mug and a plate of food on top of the dark grey table.

After finding the chairs we liked, we went in search of a small patio table that matched the vibe. We wanted something that would be able to hold at least two plates of food so we could eat outside together. That ended up being a bit of a difficult request since so many tables were either huge or small and more decorative than functional.

In the end, we were able to find a small patio table that matched the chairs and also had enough space to hold our dinner plates. Another reason we liked this table in particular is because it can fold up! So it makes it easier to move it out of the way when we want more patio space, as well as fit it in the moving truck during apartment moves.

After buying our little patio set, we immediately set it up at home. We’re already enjoying our small patio furniture set-up with outside dinners and chill reading moments! Now let’s find some cute lights and lamps…

Shop Similar Pieces:

Finding small patio furniture that is functional but can also fit in a moving truck is so hard! I need the hardware stores to understand that not everyone owns houses and has huge decks to fit patio furniture and a grill. We need more small-apartment-friendly furniture options! Until that happens, I hope today’s post provided some inspiration.

Let me know if you shop any of the small patio furniture listed in the shopping widget above! I added a few different options that are functional but will still fit in the moving truck easily (hopefully).

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