What You Need from Target’s 14 Days of Beauty Deals 2020

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is now a common beauty event that everyone knows to look out for. After seeing the success it has generated, now each store seems to have their own beauty event! There’s the CVS Epic Beauty Event, the Walgreens Beauty Enthusiast Event, and the one we’ll be talking about today: Target’s 14 Days of Beauty Deals!

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This year, the 14 days span from September 27 to October 10, and over 30 brands are on sale! Let’s talk about the products you need to set an alarm for.

September 28: Love Beauty & Planet, Pixi

I was so close to getting a Love Beauty & Planet shampoo once because I loved the scent collection they had; however, I ended up going with another brand (don’t worry, it’ll be mentioned later in this post). So, this sale will be my redeeming chance to get some of those amazing scents. The products on sale are their body lotions, and I am eyeing the rose scent and the lavender scent. There are also some “Clean Oceans Edition” scents that sound interesting (algae & eucalyptus, and sea salt & bergamot).

Pixi is a must-have brand from this day. It appears that they will only have their new line, Clarity, on sale but their products are so good, I will probably pick-up at least one. According to Pixi’s website, their new Clarity line is all about the benefits of salicylic acid. Thought I have not yet tried this line (again, it’s new), I absolutely love their other tonics and imagine this one will be just as good! During this sale, I’m leaning towards getting the Clarity Concentrate or Clarity Facial Moisturizer since I have a few tonics to finish and I like my current cleanser.

October 1: Spring & Vine

Alright, so I haven’t actually tried this brand or product myself but the concept is so freakin’ intriguing, I just had to mention it. I have heard of shampoo bars but I’d never actually seen one in person. Maybe I just missed them at my local Whole Foods…? Anyway, Spring & Vine is a brand at Target that makes shampoo bars! I also really love the scent options they have: like lavender and orange blossom, grapefruit and rosemary, or tea tree and mint! So if you’ve been looking for a new shampoo, perhaps this one could be it?!

October 7: Bliss

The products available for sale for the Bliss brand appear to be a new line, so I haven’t tried them. But I have tried some of their other products:

All of those Bliss products were really good! So I will definitely be getting their Clear Genius Clarifying Peel to try since I haven’t done a peel yet!

Bliss Makeup Remover, Bliss Pore Patrol | Skincare Products | Target's 14 Days of Beauty

October 10: Kristin Ess

Saving the best for last! Kristin Ess is a celebrity hairstylist (you have to check out her Instagram), and she came out with her hair products a few years ago (she started dropping hints in December 2016; yes, I scrolled Instagram just for that info).

Her hair products are the absolute best! Not only do they have the cutest, most millennial packaging (very Instagrammable) but she also sources feedback from users through social media! From keeping everyone updated on restocks, to new store partnerships, to dropping holiday collection hints, Kristin Ess uses her Instagram for all kinds of GOOD.

This is the shampoo I ended up grabbing instead of Love Beauty & Planet, and I will definitely be restocking my shampoo and conditioner, and maybbeee picking up a new curling tool

Though the products on sale are her original products, The One Signature Shampoo and The One Signature Conditioner, you should definitely check out her full line of hair care and hair tools. Kristin Ess is looking out for everyone:

Phew! That was a lot but there we go! All the products you need to check out from Target’s 14 Days of Beauty! Let me know in the comments if you end up getting anything from the 14 Days of Beauty event!

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