Celebrating a Pandemic Birthday – Turning 25 Years


The big 2-5 is here! It seems like the universe worked really hard to make sure my quarter-life crisis was the best there is: a pandemic, some murder hornets, several record-breaking weather moments. And I’m sure there’s even more to come… so let’s talk about what I did to celebrate my birthday!

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Because what really, truly matters are the food and pictures that came out of this day. Duh.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take pictures with the iconic gold balloons. I got mine from Target, which is right around the corner so it was super easy to get them the day of the photoshoot!

For my birthday, we went to Windridge Vineyards in Maryland. We had a lovely charcuterie lunch. I know the pictures aren’t super pretty because we kept everything in containers but there were so many flies! So we decided to keep the lids on to make sure we weren’t sharing our food with unwelcome guests.

For dinner, I requested chicken paprikash and it was such a great choice for a birthday dinner! It was a bit too spicy for me, even with the greek yogurt. But I made it through! We had cheesecake for dessert and I chose the chocolate one. Love me some chocolate!

Instead of making me breakfast on my birthday, we pushed it back to the weekend so we would have more time. I asked for a chocolate pancake, a croque monsieur, and potato latkes with a sunny-side egg. Obviously, I had smaller portions of everything…otherwise, that would have been a BIG dish.

Overall, it was a great birthday weekend, even if the pandemic forced us to mostly stay inside. It was so exciting to turn 25, even if it was in the middle of the pandemic and in the middle of so many stressful events. Still looking forward to traveling in the future!

This blog post was mostly a food post about
celebrating my pandemic 25th birthday!

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