Federal Internships for Latino Students: Take Advantage of these Internships!

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If you’ve been struggling to find federal internships for Latino students, then this is the list for you. These internships are for Latino college students and have a focus on supporting Latino/a research and interests. Many are paid (!) or have some kind of stipend. Keep checking back for new internship programs!

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Federal internship programs are a great way to gain experience or round out your academic learning. Sometimes, internships can even pave the path to a full-time job!

These federal internships for Latino college students have been pulled from a few different websites, mostly as I browse through programs for myself as a graduate student!

Most internship programs listed below are federal internships across the United States. These are internship programs that I did not know about when I was in school and I only wish I’d known about them!

The information below has been pulled directly from the federal internship program webpage but dates, eligibility, and application materials may have changed. Click through the links to access information directly from the internship program.

P.S. These federal internship programs are not necessarily limited to just Latino students but, at the very least, require a focus on Latino/a interests or research topics.

Young Ambassadors Program at the Smithsonian

This federal internship program is for high school seniors who will receive their high school diploma in the spring of the application process. Applicants need to be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents at the time of application.

Internship application materials:

  • one letter of recommendation
  • three essay statements
  • a picture and shot video
  • transcript information

FYI, speaking Spanish is not a requirement for the program, so don’t let that hold you back!

The program lasts for about five weeks and takes place in Washington, D.C., and across the United States.

More info about the Young Ambassadors Program at the Smithsonian.

Latino Museum Studies Program

The Latino Museum Studies Program focuses on increasing the representation of Latino/a museum professionals in the field by partnering with different institutions to provide internship opportunities.

Four different programs are available for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students. See more information below and check out the link below for even more information about the federal internship program!

More information about the Latino Museum Studies Program.

Internship application launches: March

Internship application materials:

  • resume / CV
  • transcripts
  • reference letter
  • personal statement
  • selection of practicum
  • portfolio

Partnership between Latino Museum Studies Program and East Los Angeles College Museum.

Internship application launches: January / February

Internship application materials:

  • create a SOLA account
  • personal statement / essay
  • resume / CV
  • transcripts
  • two letters of recommendation

Pursue a research project at a Smithsonian museum!

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities National Internship Program

The HACU National Internship Program partners with several federal agencies to provide internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.

Internship application materials:

  • education section
  • resume
  • work history
  • essay
  • school enrollment verification or diploma, if a recent grad
  • transcript
  • one letter of recommendation
  • 1 – 3 professional references

More information about the HACU National Internship Program.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Congressional Internship Program

Internship application launches: September

The CHCI Congressional Internship Program offers a fall and summer federal internship program to full-time undergraduate students or recent grads, and includes community college students and DACA students!

Internship application materials:

  • resume / CV
  • transcript
  • one letter of recommendation
  • essay responses

More information about the CHCI Congressional Internship Program.

Latino Heritage Internship Program

Hand is stamping into a National Park Passport Book in front of a Passport Stamp Station | Latino Heritage Internship Program

Internship application launches: December

The Latino Heritage Internship Program provides undergraduate and graduate students the ability to work with the National Park Service.

This program is a great federal internship program for college students from all over the United States since they have programs across all of the United States and they cover a variety of departments/skills. The focus is on integrating Latino Heritage in National Park areas and conservation in general.

Internship application materials:

  • changes depending on the internship

More information about the Latino Heritage Internship Program.

Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room Internship

Internship application launches: April

Internship application materials:

  • cover letter
  • resume
  • transcript
  • three references (optional)

More information about the Hispanic Reading Room Internship.

White House Hispanic Initiative Opportunities

Check out this listing of multiple internship and job opportunities across the federal government! These opportunities are available for everyone but the White House Hispanic Initiative is pushing these opportunities for Latino and Hispanic students.

More information about the White House Hispanic Initiative Opportunities.

If you’re looking to participate in federal internships for Latino students, I hope these federal internship programs gave you a few ideas about where to look or what topics interest you. These are only a few of the federal internship programs available; be sure to poke around and see what other programs are available. Best of luck as you apply!

(I’m not gonna lie, I would LOVE to hear if you apply to a federal internship after seeing this blog post; it would literally make my day! Comment below if you saw this blog post and applied to any of these federal internships for Latino students!)

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