5 Skincare Products to Clear Up Your Skin

We all know how stress can affect our skin and MESS IT UP. So I’m sharing these skincare products to clear up your skin!

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First, it’s important to remember that diet, stress, and exercise are great ways to help reduce breakouts. If you’re facing long-term breakouts, consider talking to your dermatologist since medical-grade products might be necessary.

Tips for Testing Skincare Products

If you can, try to buy smaller quantities of a skincare product before buying regular sizes to test the effects of the skincare product and any reactions your skin might have before fully committing a product to your regular skincare.

One easy way to do this is to search for “travel size” products. Occasionally, stores will provide a regular version and a travel size, or a mini version of the skincare product. You can also try asking for a sample of a specific product at a beauty or skincare store.

Before doing a full application of the product, test it out on a small portion of your face or neck to make sure you don’t have any reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you do have any reactions, make sure to write them down (maybe on your notes app)! Sometimes, skincare ingredients can be found in a variety of applications so keep track of the products that react badly with your skin. This can also be helpful when meeting with a dermatologist.

Skincare Products to Clear Up Your Skin

The skincare products listed below have all been tested by me at one point or another. For the most part, I highly recommend these products and I hope you can find new favorite skincare products to try!

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Bliss Micro Magic

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I love using this scrub in the shower, usually about 3 a week. It’s a great skincare product to try because it has a little bit of microdermabrasion from volcanic pumice. It’s not super abrasive, so you can build up how much exfoliating you want.

Usually, once a week, I will take my time and spend a few minutes scrubbing everywhere on my face. This is a great way to relax after a long day, especially when paired with a bath!

makes some great skincare products to try, including some hydrating moisturizers.

L’Oréal Pure Clay Cleanser

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Here’s another one of these skincare products to clear up your skin…This L’Oréal clay cleanser!

After I’ve rinsed it off, my face feels so clean and tight. I’ve also noticed that my face will be less oily for about a day or two after I’ve used it.

I previously used the Olay clay mask sticks and those were terrible. I would have to rinse my face twice (or more) and scrub it off, which felt very counterproductive.

Pixi Tonics

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Yasmin holding up a box of Pixi Beauty tonic bottles and other skincare bottles | The Yasmin Diaries

I cannot say enough good things about these tonics from , especially the Glow Tonic. These skincare products to clear up your skin are completely worth it! I got my first Glow Tonic bottle towards the end of 2018 or early 2019. Since then, I’ve bought several more bottles and even some of the other tonics.

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Pixi Beauty code

When I first got the Glow Tonic, I used it in the morning and evening, every day for about two weeks. After those two weeks, I started using it either in the morning or evening every day. I think using it intensely at the beginning helps to maximize the way the tonic evens and smooths out your skin.

Nowadays, I use the Glow Tonic a few times a week, just whenever my skin is feeling gross or bumpy. I also have the Vitamin-C Tonic which I will use only at night because it makes your skin sensitive to the sun, and don’t forget sunscreen!

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

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These are my absolute favorites for a spa day! I love the different scents they have. My favorite scent is the Moroccan Rose but they didn’t have that one when I was at the store.

Instead, I got this pear & chia seed that smells so light and sweet. I love to use a sugar scrub to help myself calm down after a long day, and the yummy scents these come in are great for that.

While this product won’t necessarily clear up your skin, it can help you unwind after a long day. Managing stress levels is an important component of keeping your skin clear.

(un)Bonus: Olay Masks

Just NO. Don’t get them. I got these around late 2018 after I saw Aspyn Ovard’s YouTube video on them but they are not my favorite. The black charcoal was so hard to get off because one rinse was never enough. The pink mineral complex was a little nicer but these were just so hard to get off and I didn’t feel a difference after I took it off.

I’ve bought a few more skincare products to try, like new moisturizers and cleansers, as I’ve run out of stuff.

These skincare products are perfect for adding and keeping in your skincare routine! Using this stay-at-home time to test out new products without the worry of having to see people later sounds like the perfect moment to experiment with new products.

Let me know if you have tried any of these skincare products to clear up your skin and what you thought of them! If you’re looking for more skincare products, check out this post about winter skincare!

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