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If you’re on any social media channels, then you’ve probably seen at least one Taylor Swift “Get Ready with Me” video or outfit video come across your page. With The Eras Tour fully underway, Swifties are putting all their creative energies into making the perfect outfit representing their favorite era from Taylor Swift’s discography.

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I wanted to share my outfit as outfit inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. For my Atlanta tour date, I made one MAJOR outfit piece (a jacket with all of Taylor Swift’s album titles) and then thrifted or reused pieces from my closet for my own Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour outfit. Let’s dive into it!

Outfit Inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, from the “Midnights” Album

Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album features a variety of blues on the cover. She also wore a cobalt blue outfit that seemed to establish the glam album aesthetic.

Creating The Midnights Outfit

As much as I kept finding fantastic outfit pieces online, I didn’t want to spend money buying new pieces that I would only wear once. Instead, I focused on thrifting a few outfit pieces that I could easily re-wear in the future and then only purchased things that I didn’t have and would use in the future.

DIY Custom Embroidered Jacket

This DIY embroidered jacket was the main piece of my “Midnights”-inspired outfit and the one I spent the most amount of time on. I didn’t have a white jacket in my closet so when I found this piece at Goodwill, I decided to make it the standout piece of my outfit by customizing it with all of Taylor Swift’s album titles!

Check out the full journey and my project advice on making your own DIY custom embroidered jacket!

Yasmin wearing a white jacket with embroidered Taylor Swift album titles | Outfit Inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
Yasmin is facing away from the camera and is showing off her white jacket with embroidered Taylor Swift album titles | Outfit Inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Sourcing My Outfit (Taylor’s Version)

As I mentioned, I tried to use items I already had in my closet for my concert outfit and then thrifted what I didn’t have.

For my concert outfit, I thrifted a pair of cobalt blue pants that reflected the “Midnights” starry romper outfit that Taylor Swift wore to Republic Record’s VMAs after-party.

I’d wanted to add stars to my blue pants but my embroidered jacket took SO LONG that I ran out of time!

For the top, I decided to go with a purple top I already had for a little bit of color blocking, and as a reference to “Lavender Haze”, one of my favorite songs.

I’d bought some mesh fabric with black and gold stars that I’d hoped to turn into a top BUT AGAIN, the embroidered jacket took SOOO long that I ran out of time.

Lesson (hopefully) learned: Don’t start projects two weeks before an event. Give yourself more time!

I was so happy with the effect of the color blocking, especially once it was paired with the white jacket and purple hair!

Yasmin is wearing cobalt blue pants with a light purple top and white jacket| Outfit Inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
// //

The Accessories

I tried to bring as many “Midnights”-inspired pieces and Taylor Swift references as possible while using my jewelry.

The most important experience of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was, of course, the friendship bracelets! I wore a few of my friendship bracelets and even got a few friendship bracelets during the concert!

I wore the purple and blue ring that I bought SPECIFICALLY for this concert! It had purple and blue stones so it matched the “Midnights” aesthetic!

To wrap up the “Midnights” look, I wore some dangly star earrings and then colored my hair with some purple hair spray!

Yasmin is wearing friendship bracelets and a white jacket | Outfit Inspiration for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
Yasmin showing off her outfit accessories for the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Concert
Earrings (exact) // Necklace (similar) // Hair Clips (similar)

The Makeup

I used some blue eyeliner to bring in some “Midnights”-inspiration to my makeup and face but, TBH, I should’ve gone with a more graphic eyeliner look because 90% of it disappeared into my eyelids!

I also used Pillow Talk in Medium for my lips (not shown in the pictures cause I forgot to reapply *tears*).

Whether you decide to use some of the same makeup items or not, there is one you MUST try: the Mini GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist from ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr!

That makeup mist has been a lifesaver multiple times, at the Taylor Swift concert, the Sabrina Carpenter concert, weddings, and so many other times.

That little container packs a punch! It was especially useful during travel because I didn’t have to worry about it spilling like other products.

I linked LITERALLY ALL the makeup items I used below!

Yasmin is pouting towards the camera and showing off her friendship bracelets and jewelry and accessories.

Getting ready for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was an absolute blast!

My childhood self would never be able to believe that I made it to a Taylor Swift concert (or any concert AT ALL, tbh). Getting ready was hectic in a hotel room with five girls but we made it work! I finished my embroidered jacket at the restaurant during lunch so I was rushing to get ready between washing and drying the jacket in the laundry facilities.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s The Eras Tour outfits!

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