New Camera & Food Photography Attempts during Quarantine

For Christmas 2019, my husband gifted me a camera… and since then, I’ve been having a lot of fun taking pictures! Since COVID-19 arrived not long after Christmas, I obviously did not have too much time to explore DC and enjoy the camera; however, I decided to do a little bit of quarantine photography at home. Here’s what I’ve been doing!

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So now, I’ve been trying my hand at “food photography”. Did I know that was a type of photography before quarantine started? Obviously not! It was only after I started looking into camera settings, photography styles, editing, picture composition, and more that I discovered this exciting section of photography.

New Camera: Sony a6000

For Christmas last year, my husband gifted me a new camera! Now I can take way better quality pictures than I could with just my phone. I’m still growing my skills and nowhere near a professional but this camera allows me to take pictures of our travels and everyday life, and I even started taking some “food photography” style pictures of my husband’s cooking!

Yasmin holding up her new camera, a Sony a6000, with a Christmas tree background.

This is the first picture I shared of my new camera. I was so excited to have my own camera after so many years. My husband got me the No products found. with the kit lens (16 – 50 mm lens). As I have started to record videos, I’ve realized how much I would appreciate a mic input which this camera does not have. But this camera is still amazing for taking pictures and casual videos.

No products found.

Look at me already labeling my SD card and immediately photographing the full present spread of the camera bag and accessories. I was truly so excited about this present, especially sharing it with my sister!

Shows new camera (Sony a6000), black Sony camera bag, instruction manual, and new batteries

Food Photography Attempts

During quarantine, I really needed some mini-projects to keep myself occupied. Since it had just been a few months since I’d received my camera, I decided to force myself to learn about new settings and lighting examples by taking pictures of the various yummy food adventures my husband created.

Here are a few examples I took during the first few months of our lockdown in 2020.

Since my husband loves to cook, I took the opportunity to just have fun with the camera and celebrate the food my husband makes. Again, nothing professional but the pictures have definitely helped me in discovering new camera features, and simply keeping me entertained during this quarantine.

Travel Photos from National Parks

The No products found. has also really come in handy during our trips to various National Parks across the country. I’ve shared a few of the more interesting ones below. Since it’s such a small camera, it easily fits in most of my purses and takes up very little space in our luggage. Even with a full camera bag, including batteries and extra lenses, it still easily fits in either my carry-on backpack or the carry-on luggage.

Whether we are using this camera at home to document our food adventures or taking it with us on our travels to document new National Park visits, the No products found. has been a fun camera to take with us!

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