Barmini by José Andrés – An Amazing Experimental Cocktail Experience


For Kyle’s birthday, I reserved a cocktail flight experience at Barmini, a DC restaurant by José Andrés, and it absolutely surpassed our expectations!

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Celebrating Kyle’s Birthday at Barmini

For Kyle’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with this experimental cocktail date night!

Since Kyle likes to try new things, especially with drinks and food, I thought this would be the perfect birthday experience!

Well, he absolutely loved it! Keep reading to see photos of the experience and drinks, and to learn more about the restaurant!

Barmini by José Andrés

Barmini is just one of many DC-local restaurants owned by José Andrés. It offers a list of over 100 drinks to taste, from classic cocktails to modern creations. The space has an experimental and eccentric design. They offer reservations for a cocktail flight experience and a la carte options.

Make a reservation at Barmini.

The Cocktail Flight Tasting

Not to ruin the ending but these were some of the best cocktails we had. Period.

The various ingredients came together in ways we would never be able to create in our own home. Kyle usually hates eating out unless it’s a cuisine he can’t make at home or if he wants to taste it before making it himself. The Barmini experience definitely hit his requirements.

Picture of a hand holding a drink with white foam | The Yasmin Diaries
Picture of Barmini menu and a dessert macaroon with a candle in it. | The Yasmin Diaries

When we first arrived at the Barmini building, the host was waiting outside. He asked if we had reservations, double-checked our names against the tiniest slip of paper he pulled from his jacket pocket, and then led us inside into an anteroom.

It felt like being in limbo; my anticipation was rising as to what was so special about this experience that there were multiple entrances. Connected to this small waiting room were the bathrooms and what looked like a coat closet. After a few minutes, we were inside the small Barmini space…

Lounging inside Barmini

The design of the space fits the Barmini vibes, that is: experimental, whimsical, and eccentric. Everything adds to the fun trip your senses will embark on as you weave through the cocktail flight experience.

Bar at Barmini by José Andrés. | The Yasmin Diaries
Bar at Barmini by José Andrés | The Yasmin Diaries

There are high table seating options, cozy corners, and lounge couches. We were seated on a lounge couch that was low, even for me as a short girl. It was a vibrant yellow with deep navy velvet pillows.

We were quickly greeted by our server and filled in on the cocktail flight experience. She explained that the flight consisted of five drinks covering the theme of ‘Winter in Japan’. The experience was spread out over two hours and fifteen minutes.

Each cocktail was an absolute pleasure to drink, even if we started feeling the effects by the second round!

Picture of Winter in Japan menu at Barmini by José Andrés. | The Yasmin Diaries
Picture of "Barmini by José Andre's" stamped-ice in a glass jar | The Yasmin Diaries

Food Options at Barmini

They also provide a short list of food to accompany the drinks! When we were making reservations, we didn’t see many mentions about food but it is offered! They have a few small plate options to go with your drinks.

Make a reservation at Barmini

If you’re also wanting to experience the experimental cocktail flight experience, make reservations through the Barmini website.

If you’re not interested in the full cocktail experience, you can also make a reservation for an a la carte experience. Considering they have a long list of drinks, there’s plenty for you to try.

For the cocktail flight experience, the theme changes over the year, usually aligning with the seasons, so there are plenty of opportunities to try new things!

Picture of late harvest drink inside a basket at Barmini by José Andrés | The Yasmin Diaries

Overall, we had an amazing time at Barmini trying various drinks with unique ingredient combinations.

By the end of the experimental cocktail flight experience, we were CONVINCED we’d be back whenever the new menu popped up. We were even debating adding it to our calendar for the rest of the year!

If you’re debating about whether to visit, I would highly suggest you try it out! It’s definitely a place to go for a nice date night, but they’ve also got a la carte options if you want a lighter version.

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