5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets You Need Right Now!

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Kitchen gadgets can either simply take up space in your kitchen or actually be helpful. Well, the following five kitchen must-haves are going to change your life!

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If you don’t have these gadgets in your kitchen, you’ve been missing out. These kitchen gadgets are going to upgrade your baking skills, your vegetable prep, and even make storing leftovers so much easier!

The following list of kitchen gadgets is perfect for any apartment living. While you might not notice the lack of these kitchen gadgets right now, after you get them, you will be wondering why you didn’t get them earlier!

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1. Mandoline Slicer

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets - Mandoline Slicer | Sincerely Yasmin

This has to be one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Even though it doesn’t get used quite as often as some of the other kitchen gadgets on this list, I’m always glad I have it available in my kitchen when I need to use it. If you have not used this kitchen gadget before, it’s perfect for slicing up onions and tomatoes, especially for things like game-day burgers and sandwiches!

*I got my mandoline slicer from a local restaurant store, but the Amazon mandoline slicer looks like the same one!

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If you’re worried about cutting yourself with this kitchen gadget, or maybe you lost the protective cover for your slicer, then keep reading for the bonus kitchen tool (or skip to it)! It’ll make using this mandoline slicer gadget less stressful and easier to handle.

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If you enjoy salads and sandwiches, then this is basically a necessity. For prepping salads, the mandoline slicer makes vegetable prep work that much faster because you can easily slice up cucumbers, carrots, etc. When prepping burgers and sandwiches, I love using this slicer to get perfectly even thick tomato slices. It can also be helpful for prepping French fries, getting even onion slices, and shredding cabbage for coleslaw!

2. Food Scale | Most Used Kitchen Gadget

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After you’ve used a food scale for your cooking or baking needs, but especially with baking, you will never go back. Trust me. A food scale is a kitchen must-have for any apartment.

(This food scale is the same brand as the one I have right now!)

If you’ve baked a few times already, you’ll notice that your recipes stay the same but the results DON’T. If you use the same cookie recipe, but your cookies always look a little different then a food scale is a kitchen must-have for you.

When you’re baking, it is actually more important to add your ingredients by weight than to use measuring cups! If you’ve ever wondered why there’s grams under ingredients in a baking recipe, it’s because weighing your ingredients means your results are going to be more consistent.

The best baking example is flour. If you add your flour with measuring cups, it’s likely that there are times you’ve packed the measuring cup and times you’ve loosely added flour. That small difference means each recipe ends up with different amounts of flour.

If you use a food scale, you’ll know exactly what amount/weight of flour you’re adding and you’ll be more consistent with your weight and measurements! Perfect cookies each time!

3. Whetstone for Sharpening Knives | Most Helpful Kitchen Gadget

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets - Whetstone | Sincerely Yasmin

If you have never owned a whetstone, then your life is about to be changed. I didn’t realize how important having sharp knives are to general life happiness but, boy oh boy, does it make a huge difference.

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This kitchen gadget makes keeping your knives sharp an easy process, especially when you’re trying to stop from crying when cutting those onions!

I’m now so used to having sharp knives and can immediately tell when it’s been a while since the knives have been sharpened, especially when cutting tomatoes! Sharpening knives on your own is a bit of a learning curve but it’s definitely doable, and it’s got major pay off.

This is a very helpful video about how to use a whetstone from one of my favorite food YouTubers. He explains how to use a whetstone super well!

If you’re worried about cutting yourself while learning about using a whetstone, or you just want extra protection, keep reading for the bonus kitchen must-have gadget!

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4. Nested Glass Bowls with Lids | Perfect for Kitchen Storage

Glass bowls are life-changing kitchen gadgets! I was getting tired of using plastic wrap all the time and not having the plastic wrap stick to some of our plastic storage bowls.

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When I came across these glass storage bowls with lids at Target, I was so excited! They were exactly what I had in mind for easy kitchen storage.

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I really like having the dishwasher-safe glass for the storage bowls, which is perfect for a handwash-hating, dishwasher-loving partner! The lids are color-coded and have the size printed on the top.

I love that the bowls nest and come in varying sizes because it makes it perfect for stacking when putting away leftovers, as well as nesting the bowls to store in our kitchen cabinets.

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets - Nested Glass Bowls | Sincerely Yasmin
P.S. there are actually four glass storage bowls, but I was already using one of them to hold leftovers!

5. Adjustable Measuring Cup | Helpful for Baking Needs

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets - Adjustable Measuring Cup | Sincerely Yasmin

Like the mandoline slicer, I don’t reach for this kitchen gadget too often. However, when I do need it, I love having it (and it makes baking so much less messy)!

If you’ve never seen this type of measuring cup before, you basically drag the inner section to the measurement you want, then fill in the space with your ingredient.

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*I got mine from a local restaurant store but here’s a similar one

If you don’t think you need this measuring cup, I want you to think about the last time you had to scoop out something sticky, like honey, agave, or molasses, when baking. If it wasn’t a pleasant experience, this kitchen gadget will change everything.

The unique design means you get every last scoop or sticky drop of your ingredient, and it’s a breeze to clean! If you do a lot of baking, this adjustable measuring cup will be a lifesaver with so many ingredients! I recently used it for agave, molasses, sour cream, and yogurt! It was so easy to take apart and clean up after all those sticky ingredients.

Bonus: Knife/Cut Resistant Glove

If you’re a newbie whetstone user or you need protection from that extra-sharp mandoline slicer, then a knife or cut-resistant glove is going to be your best friend!

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I do not bring out this cut-resistant glove super often, but when I DO need it, I’m so glad it’s in my kitchen.

It gives me peace of mind, knowing I’m reducing the chance of cutting myself and I can focus on prepping all of my vegetables with a mandoline slicer without stressing out about potential cuts the whole time.

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets - Cut Resistant Glove | Sincerely Yasmin

These are the five must-have kitchen gadgets that make me feel like I have fully achieved *adulting* status! These kitchen gadgets really make life so much easier when cooking, baking, and even storing all kinds of yummy recipes.

Plus, since I’m not the best kitchen chef, these kitchen gadgets really help to make it seem like I am actually good at cooking. Let me know if you’ve used some of these kitchen gadgets before and what you think about them in the comments below!

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